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Lyrics Unavailable Anywhere Else on the Web- Lenny Bruce: All Alone

20 Jun

Lenny Bruce was a complex individual.  He was stubborn, idealistic, ambitious and intelligent.

He was not so much a comedian as a philosopher.  Bruce’s “cynical,” irony, his tendency to challenge social restrictions and his political satire all influenced dozens of future comics and led to drastic changes in the way society viewed words, ideas and hypocrisy.

A catalyst for social reform, Bruce was constantly at odds with the government over his use of obscenity.  He was arrested for using terminology in reference to oral sex several times, which was at the time a misdemeanor in the state of California.

Like many men with strong passion and principle, Bruce suffered his share of heartbreak, leading him to write this funny, but melancholy little tune.

I personally spent the time transcribing the lyrics as they were not on any lyric sites.

Oh what joy to be all alone
I’m happy alone don’t you see
I’ve convinced you–

Eh, I don’t wanna get so dramatic about it, you’re better off alone man, I gotta–
That’s it I’m gonna get a whole bunch of new suits
You know I’ve had the same dumb suit for ten years
You walk into her closet, you can’t even breathe
That’s it I’ll get a whole bunch of suits, I’ll get a chick that likes to hang out
I’ll have little vodka parties
That’s it vodka parties swing it up all good–
Get a chick who likes to drink
Boy my wife sure used to look good standing up against the sink
She’s the lowest though
I really put her down
No– No, I really miss her
I don’t want some sharp chick that can quote Kerouac and walk with poise
I just want to hear my old lady say, “get up and fix the sink, it’s still making noise”

All alone
All alone
Like a nearsighted dog, where’s the bone?
Aw but it’s better-to be alone.
No more taking out the garbage, hear her yacking on the phone-
I gave her everything, even my mother’s ring
But to me she was so petty
Sometimes I wish that she were dead–

But it’d probably take her 2 hours to get ready-

When she’s old!

Then she’s gonna be sorry
That’s it!
Like she’s young and swinging now and she can get a lot of guys but when she’s old–
I can see her about 20 years from now:

“How you doin’ Annie?
I haven’t seen you in a long time, you look pretty good baby
You’re still washing your hair with Dutch cleanser I see
Yeah, you’ve gained a few pounds-
What happened to your neck?
I heard you got married a few times
Me no, I’ve always stayed single
I’ve been investing in property
I’ve picked up a little place in Mexico, maybe you’ve heard of it–Acapulco
Where are you living, a furnished room?
That’s nice, you cook on the radiator, there’s paper drapes, sit in the lobby and watch television and all
That’s cool, yeah
Yeah that’s cool
You have the diner’s club you sign, you go first class in those joints, I know it”

Yeah that’s it
Her future spells a murky gloom
I’ll be rich and famous and she’ll be living in a furnished room-
But it’s gonna be too late
I wouldn’t hear her moan
I’ll be living in my Nardville mansion– Rich
… and all alone

All alone
All alone
I’ll be rich
But so all alone

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