Review: Artesano Mead- Essence

27 Jul

Artesano is a small mead company whose facility is located in Groton, Vermont amid the beautiful, flowery landscape of the Green Mountains. They are a small scale operation and by no means competition for bigger companies such as the Londonderry, New Hampshire company, “Moonlight Meadery.” Artesano may occasionally be found at retailers, health food stores and Farmers’ Markets.

“Essence” mead, the company’s only dry variety, costs 16.99 USD for 500ml. It is packaged in a stout looking bottle and sealed with a swirled wax stamp on the cork.

Essence pours smoothly. Thin and silky, it does not coat or adhere, but rather sinks to the bottom of the glass.

The smell is robust, semi-sweet and slightly tangy. It is difficult to sense the dryness through the fruity and effervescent smell. It is pale, with about two more shades of light than a typical chardonnay.

It touches lightly on the tongue and disappears without linger. It is dry, but still allows the distinct taste of honey to surface. By no means is essence as full bodied as it’s smell, it’s effect on the palate is airy, smooth and lacks the fullness that the smell imbues.

Superficially tasteful, but lacking in complexity, this spirit is by far not the finest in it’s class. It is not, “at the top of the game,” but it is enjoyable.
This is the mead that one would not serve at a dinner party, nor use to celebrate a special occasion, but rather one which may be brought on a picnic, sipped to compliment a weekday dinner or paired with light cheese while enjoying sunshine and outdoor scenery.

Not a spectacular value and not a remarkable product, but by no means a poorly made product, Artesano Mead, still up and coming, has a lot of coming up to do.


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