Teaming Up With “Art and Culture”

13 Jun

We will be teaming up with, “Art and Culture,” at “”

Don’t worry, nothing is changing.

What this means is that our sites will occasionally with permission share mutually relevant content.

Their mission statement is on their blog.

They are a site about art and culture, this should be obvious, but they plan to add unique and informative material to benefit their readers.

There is not much else that we can really say, just to encourage you to go read their first post and check out their updates which will apparently be pretty frequent.


Disclaimer: We in no way guarantee the quality of any external sites, we are in no way accountable for what anyone else posts, even if we post it too.  We take no responsibility for anything, but maybe when we have grown up a little we will start to.  They say thirty is the new twenty.  Stop judging us.  You are just like our parents.


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