How to: Make Coffee Infused Bourbon Whiskey

4 Jun

Back when we talked about How to Appreciate Scotch Whisky we explained that the difference between, “whiskey,” and “whisky,” was point of origin. Bourbon whiskey originates in Kentucky, hence the popularity of the, “Mint Julip,” a cocktail with Bourbon whiskey as the main ingredient.

Whiskey and alcohol in general are not commonly used as an alcohol to infuse, however, it is more than appropriate to pair with coffee and when you think about it, commonly is; whether you are thinking about Kahlua, Irish Coffee or any other alcohol and coffee based beverage.

What you will need to get started:

A bottle of bourbon whiskey, 750ml; do not use top shelf whiskey and do not use call whiskey. This means that it should be a medium price and quality whiskey; nothing special but not cheap enough to make you burp flames.

A jar or container with a tight seal, more than 750ml, the one pictured is Italian made, but does not create a water-tight seal.

High end whole coffee beans; the ones pictured are organic Mexican ones and are medium roast as bold may be overpowering. You can really use whatever coffee beans you are comfortable with, purchase from a market, coffee shop or organic store.

The original bottle or another in which you can store the finished product

Fine strainer

Step 1:
Rinse the container

Step 2:
Dry the container

Step 3:
Measure out approximately 1/2 cup of coffee beans and pour them into the container.

Step 4:
Pour in the whiskey. No particular method, just don’t spill.

Step 5:
Close container, shake gently and put in a place away from direct sun exposure or heat.

Step 6:
Leave for 1-5 days, shaking periodically, 3-5 times each day.

Step 7:
Pour contents through strainer or colander or tea infuser. Whatever your filter method.

I will be using a coffee filter and pouring it cup by cup into the storage container, but have not yet reached that point with the batch pictured, I just set it up about 4 minutes before I finished this how-to article.

Step 8:
Enjoy, put in a flask and gift to a friend, use for cooking/baking or do something else. Let us know how you used yours.

Coffee Infused Bourbon in the Making

I used pretty strong whiskey, it turned very dark and got very aromatic already, so I strained it and re-bottled it [1 day after].
If anyone needs ideas for straining the bourbon, I used coffee filters and a cocktail shaker and then poured from the shaker into the original bottle. There were losses but it was only a couple of ounces or so. The infusion came out great though.


**Note: Coffee and bourbon both have a pH of about 5, this makes them acidic and something that you should be conscious of; especially those who suffer from hyperchlorosis, acid reflux etc.


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