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Lyrics Unavailable Anywhere Else on the Web- Lenny Bruce: All Alone

20 Jun

Lenny Bruce was a complex individual.  He was stubborn, idealistic, ambitious and intelligent.

He was not so much a comedian as a philosopher.  Bruce’s “cynical,” irony, his tendency to challenge social restrictions and his political satire all influenced dozens of future comics and led to drastic changes in the way society viewed words, ideas and hypocrisy.

A catalyst for social reform, Bruce was constantly at odds with the government over his use of obscenity.  He was arrested for using terminology in reference to oral sex several times, which was at the time a misdemeanor in the state of California.

Like many men with strong passion and principle, Bruce suffered his share of heartbreak, leading him to write this funny, but melancholy little tune.

I personally spent the time transcribing the lyrics as they were not on any lyric sites.

Oh what joy to be all alone
I’m happy alone don’t you see
I’ve convinced you–

Eh, I don’t wanna get so dramatic about it, you’re better off alone man, I gotta–
That’s it I’m gonna get a whole bunch of new suits
You know I’ve had the same dumb suit for ten years
You walk into her closet, you can’t even breathe
That’s it I’ll get a whole bunch of suits, I’ll get a chick that likes to hang out
I’ll have little vodka parties
That’s it vodka parties swing it up all good–
Get a chick who likes to drink
Boy my wife sure used to look good standing up against the sink
She’s the lowest though
I really put her down
No– No, I really miss her
I don’t want some sharp chick that can quote Kerouac and walk with poise
I just want to hear my old lady say, “get up and fix the sink, it’s still making noise”

All alone
All alone
Like a nearsighted dog, where’s the bone?
Aw but it’s better-to be alone.
No more taking out the garbage, hear her yacking on the phone-
I gave her everything, even my mother’s ring
But to me she was so petty
Sometimes I wish that she were dead–

But it’d probably take her 2 hours to get ready-

When she’s old!

Then she’s gonna be sorry
That’s it!
Like she’s young and swinging now and she can get a lot of guys but when she’s old–
I can see her about 20 years from now:

“How you doin’ Annie?
I haven’t seen you in a long time, you look pretty good baby
You’re still washing your hair with Dutch cleanser I see
Yeah, you’ve gained a few pounds-
What happened to your neck?
I heard you got married a few times
Me no, I’ve always stayed single
I’ve been investing in property
I’ve picked up a little place in Mexico, maybe you’ve heard of it–Acapulco
Where are you living, a furnished room?
That’s nice, you cook on the radiator, there’s paper drapes, sit in the lobby and watch television and all
That’s cool, yeah
Yeah that’s cool
You have the diner’s club you sign, you go first class in those joints, I know it”

Yeah that’s it
Her future spells a murky gloom
I’ll be rich and famous and she’ll be living in a furnished room-
But it’s gonna be too late
I wouldn’t hear her moan
I’ll be living in my Nardville mansion– Rich
… and all alone

All alone
All alone
I’ll be rich
But so all alone


Weekend Movie: “Suddenly” starring Frank Sinatra

15 Jun

Frank Sinatra is well known for his charm, his masculine yet sensitive persona and of course his voice.

Many people, however, do not realise that Sinatra was also a terrific actor and starred in such hit films as, “The Manchurian Candidate,” and “Guys and Dolls.”

Part of Sinatra’s creative capacity, according to him, came from the fact that he was manic depressive.  He once said of his sensitivity and emotional creativity, “Being an 18-karat manic depressive, and having lived a life of violent emotional contradictions, I have an over-acute capacity for sadness as well as elation.”

Frank Sinatra,  The Chairman of the Board, in Suddenly:

First Article on “Art and Culture Blog”

14 Jun

The following is a re-post of the first post containing actual content on the “Art and Culture” blog.  Read it here, follow the link, or do both, the latter is our preference.  At the very least it should give you an idea of what to expect from them.

This was written by a contributor who chooses to remain nameless to readers, it is a representation of his thoughts, feelings and dissonance as well as the dissonance of people and the conflict of the inner cynic versus what he calls, “the eternal optimist.”  It is entitled, “Ad Infinitum.”

Do what you like
Like what you do
This above all to thine own self be true

Some of us gamble
Some of us drink
Some of us smile
and those who don’t think

The heart is a thing
The heart is a place
The heart is a heartache
Just taking up space

Don’t do it for favors
Don’t do it for pay
Never be trusting
Or do more than you say

Find a teacher
Purchase a friend
Find yourself love
From now to the end

Vanities all
In future
In present
Never trust the perpetually pleasant

For all things there are time
For all people as well
Keep yourself thinking
For we make our own hell

Don’t worry about things
Money or items
Only happiness matters
Ad infinitum

How to: Increase Testosterone Through Diet and/or Exercise

13 Jun

Human beings are not by any means, self-sustaining organisms.  In fact, mankind’s physical condition is fickle and vulnerable.

When people think of testosterone, they often imagine overly-vascular, disgusting body-builders that look like comic book villains.  Taking artificial testosterone and supplements while lifting unsafe and inhuman amounts of wait would certainly cause this.

Testosterone is however, more than just an artificial performance enhancer.  It is a hormone naturally created by both male and female body’s and increases muscle building capability, energy, sex-drive, athleticism and other, “masculine,” traits.

In men, the normal ratios for testosterone to estrogen to progesterone are approximately 100:1:0 respectively, in women the normal ratio is approximately 10:80:10.

How much you can actually beat the ratio is questionable, but you can definitely take steps to do so at least to some degree.

Finally, here we are, how to increase testosterone through diet and exercise:

A list of foods and exercises that increase it can be found at the bottom, for those who want to take the easy way out.

Step one:

Evaluate how active you are:

How much time are you active.  Do not ask, “what’s activity?”  Are you sitting for a good portion of the day?  Do you take walks, lift weights and participate in activities that require physical effort?  Be honest with yourself, if you could do more then you should.

Step two:

Evaluate your diet:

This is a tricky one.  Everything you have ever heard about, “dieting,” is true and false.  Do not focus too much on more or less of any one macro-nutrient.  This means, no low-carb, no high-protein, no high or low fat.  Balance.  You already know to cut out sweets and to an extent at least, white flour.

Your carbohydrates should be whole grain foods, steel cut oatmeal, legumes, quinoa, grains, brown rice, fruits, vegetables etc. are all very good for you.  Look for high fibre content, you’d be surprised, this does not necessarily mean that it will taste like cardboard.

Quality carbohydrates will generally contain a good deal of protein, so you will not have to worry too much about having to add a lot of protein.  Your protein should come from quality sources, such as lean meat, lean poultry, fish, eggs with and without the yolk, dairy and peanut butter.  NOT tofu*.

Fats should be consumed in moderation, but do not worry too much, if you are eating good fats then it is hard to overdo them unless you are just drinking a tall glass olive oil with every meal.  Fats should, whenever possible, not come from candy, processed foods, cakes, or deep fryers.

Fats should come from extra virgin olive oil (unheated if possible), egg yolks, omega 3 fatty acids, nuts and legumes.

It is never appropriate to consume foods containing hydrogenated oils or trans fats.  I cannot tell you not to indulge, but I can tell you that these are inorganic compounds which are directly linked to several forms of cancer, speculated to cause obesity and are indisputably science projects with no positive effects on the human body.  If you don’t believe it then I encourage you to research any positive effects of them and show me what they are.

List of things that increase testosterone with ADD-appropriate explanations:

Spinach, asparagus, kale, chard, lettuce, celery, cabbage, cauliflower and virtually all other green vegetables, especially cruciferous and high in chlorophyll.

Why those: These are all high in zinc, which is partially responsible for causing temporarily elevated testosterone, many foods that are traditionally known as aphrodisiacs, such as asparagus and oysters, are high in zinc.  Why spinach first?  Because Popeye ate Spinach and who does not want to be like Popeye?

Eggs with yolks, peanut butter, olive oil, salmon, tuna, sardines

Why these?  You may notice that these are all relatively high in fat.  Dietary fat is not to be mistaken with, “bodyfat,” the oil on  your salad is not automatically turned into that gelatinous mass covering your abdominal muscles.  Good fats are actually metabolised into testosterone, especially when you are younger.  This means that they should constitute a good, though not overwhelming, portion of your diet.  Why eggs first?  Egg yolks contain a lot of b vitamins, which are water based vitamins that are said to improve metabolism, in addition, they help the body properly digest the protein from the egg white.

Squats, deadlifts, overhead press, military/dumbbell press, pull ups, rows, bench press

Why?  These exercises are all compound exercises, meaning that they stress several muscle groups.  Compound exercises lead to higher testosterone because the body senses the stress being placed on it and feels the need to give reinforcement in case it continues to face more stress than it can handle without it.

Implementing these tips should really help you to gain more testosterone and achieve whatever goal you would like to build toward.

Make sure you get adequate sleep, if you can get 8 hours, that is terrific, not only will you start to eat exactly as much as your body needs but your body will produce more HGH, which is not testosterone, but is closely linked to it and will all the more increase fitness gains and vitality.

*Tofu is highly processed and phytoestrogenic, this means it contains plant-based compounds that are converted into estrogen in the human body, which in turn increases the risk of breast cancer, gynecomastia, moodiness and all the other effects of high estrogen.

Teaming Up With “Art and Culture”

13 Jun

We will be teaming up with, “Art and Culture,” at “”

Don’t worry, nothing is changing.

What this means is that our sites will occasionally with permission share mutually relevant content.

Their mission statement is on their blog.

They are a site about art and culture, this should be obvious, but they plan to add unique and informative material to benefit their readers.

There is not much else that we can really say, just to encourage you to go read their first post and check out their updates which will apparently be pretty frequent.


Disclaimer: We in no way guarantee the quality of any external sites, we are in no way accountable for what anyone else posts, even if we post it too.  We take no responsibility for anything, but maybe when we have grown up a little we will start to.  They say thirty is the new twenty.  Stop judging us.  You are just like our parents.

Weekend Movie: Shock- Starring Vincent Price

8 Jun

Another horror classic with everyone’s favourite serio-comical villain, Vincent Price.  Shock is one of the more believable horror classics, there are no superstitions, no mythical creatures, monsters or boogeymen and the premise is one that is still plausible today.  Simple, suspenseful and thought provoking, Shock qualifies as a thinking man’s thriller.  This movie is a thorough analysis of the human soul and mind and in many ways, man’s propensity to always dig a deeper grave for himself before admitting defeat.

How to: Make Fresh Italian Garlic Bread

8 Jun

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Garlic bread tastes delicious, is easy to make and believe it or not, is in some ways very good for you. Garlic lowers the risk of CHD (coronary heart disease), improves digestion and has been shown to increase testosterone in the human body. Olive oil is a free oleic fatty acid, it binds to protein albumin in your body and improves your metabolism by serving as a fuel source for muscular contraction and being consumed by mitochondria thereby allowing them to create ATP. There are dozens of studies on these two foods, but before we delve too far into the lab, let’s enter the kitchen.

Necessary items:

Oven or toaster

Tin foil

Garlic press (suggested, but optional)



Bread; a fresh baguette works very nicely, but feel free to experiment.


Dried Parsley

Parmigiano cheese (optional) (same thing as “Parmesan,” except that, “Parmesan,” is French)

Olive oil and/or butter


Salt (optional)

  1. Cut the bread horizontally and then into vertically.  Each two half section should be about 3-6 inches.
  2. If you are using olive oil then pour it evenly across the inner half of each section so that the bread is not drenched but you cover the entire surface, you could use a brush for this if you prefer.  If you are using butter, melt it in a pot or container and do the same thing.  Feel free to use both, it turns out very nicely when you do this.
  3. If you are using a press then press your garlic onto the bread, if you are using a knife, dice the garlic into very small pieces, the most effective way is cutting along the length so you get little circles and then cutting those in four pieces or so.  If you like garlic a lot then use about 1.5 cloves per square.  If you like garlic, use 3/4 of a clove per square.  If you are okay with garlic then use .5 cloves.  If you don’t like garlic, why are you reading this?
  4. Sprinkle on the parmigiano if you are using it, about 1 tablespoon for the whole loaf of bread.
  5. Sprinkle basil across.  Fresh if possible.  Use about a teaspoon and a half.
  6. Use about half a teaspoon of dried parsley.
  7. If you want salt on it then lightly sprinkle the baguette with salt now.
  8. Close the bread like a big, sectioned sandwich and wrap it in foil.
  9. Put the foil in the toaster or oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. You will probably smell when it is done, but just in case you don’t, the idea is that the outside will be crispy and the inside will be soft, so check periodically and press the foil.  When you feel a “crunch,” on the outside it is done, the inside should be soft enough to be pushed in without much resistance.

That is really all there is.  Enjoy your garlic bread with friends.  It may look slightly green due to the oxidation of the garlic, but don’t worry, it is safe and will not affect the taste or quality.

To make Caesar salad croutons, cut into crouton shapes, cook unwrapped and allow to harden or use my method, leave on a windowsill and sun-dry.

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