Sweet Potato Recipe: Healthy, Simple, Satiating

19 Mar

Snack food has become a term that describes only that which is in a bag or plastic container, it should be used instead to describe that which we eat between meals to be sated and relish.

Sweet potatoes are incredibly healthy. High in vitamins, minerals and fiber, they promote an overall healthy existence and when made properly are great for weight loss.

This recipe seems the best as far as reconciling taste with health, it ensures that they will not be too dry, it brings out the sweetness of the starch in the vegetable and it gives them more density in order to make you feel fuller faster.

You Will Need:
An oven or toaster

Access to water suitable for human consumption

A fork or knife

A baking pan of some sort or tin foil

A sweet potato

This really could not be easier.

Step 1: Take your fork or knife and stab your washed and or scrubbed sweet potato(es) a lot all over the surface. Should take about 15-30 seconds.
Step 2: If you are using tin foil (the best way, makes the skin very soft and surprisingly good) saturate your sweet potato with water, use enough foil to be able to wrap around a couple of times and folding the foil into the shape of a dish, pour water in the center and proceed to wrap the sweet potato in the pool.

If you are using a baking pan, pour the water in and rotate periodically, adding water as it cooks.

Step 3: Bake on a high temperature, about 475F or 246C.

Step 4: After about 40 minutes, use an object to poke the sweet potato (poke, not stab) and see if it is soft when pressed. If no, leave it longer. If it is, then either eat it now or refrigerate it and eat it later, they are still very good cold. Just don’t unwrap it if you plan to wait, freshly unwrapped tastes best.

Step 5: Try it? Best thing you ever had? Worst thing you ever had? Find a better way? Feel free to comment.


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