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Weekend Movie: Jack and the Beanstalk

31 Mar

Weekend Movie: 1984

24 Mar

Sweet Potato Recipe: Healthy, Simple, Satiating

19 Mar

Snack food has become a term that describes only that which is in a bag or plastic container, it should be used instead to describe that which we eat between meals to be sated and relish.

Sweet potatoes are incredibly healthy. High in vitamins, minerals and fiber, they promote an overall healthy existence and when made properly are great for weight loss.

This recipe seems the best as far as reconciling taste with health, it ensures that they will not be too dry, it brings out the sweetness of the starch in the vegetable and it gives them more density in order to make you feel fuller faster.

You Will Need:
An oven or toaster

Access to water suitable for human consumption

A fork or knife

A baking pan of some sort or tin foil

A sweet potato

This really could not be easier.

Step 1: Take your fork or knife and stab your washed and or scrubbed sweet potato(es) a lot all over the surface. Should take about 15-30 seconds.
Step 2: If you are using tin foil (the best way, makes the skin very soft and surprisingly good) saturate your sweet potato with water, use enough foil to be able to wrap around a couple of times and folding the foil into the shape of a dish, pour water in the center and proceed to wrap the sweet potato in the pool.

If you are using a baking pan, pour the water in and rotate periodically, adding water as it cooks.

Step 3: Bake on a high temperature, about 475F or 246C.

Step 4: After about 40 minutes, use an object to poke the sweet potato (poke, not stab) and see if it is soft when pressed. If no, leave it longer. If it is, then either eat it now or refrigerate it and eat it later, they are still very good cold. Just don’t unwrap it if you plan to wait, freshly unwrapped tastes best.

Step 5: Try it? Best thing you ever had? Worst thing you ever had? Find a better way? Feel free to comment.

Weekend Movie: The Fast and the Furious

17 Mar

Weekend Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

9 Mar

This is a silent film, but it is absolutely terrific. Many people do not realise the gravity in the original, non-Disney tale, by Victor Hugo; this is the original, pre-cartoon, pre-happy-ending tale, set in 1482. The story is nearly as macabre as the acting of Lon Chaney Sr, one of several icons of early horror and suspense pictures. The character; dark, ugly, isolated; represents more than just a hideous bell-ringer, Quasimodo is a representation of the self-despair and feelings of loneliness and solitude experienced by all people in their lifetimes. He is hateful, cynical, an anti-hero without leading man charms, without extroversion, but with a heart true to the nature of man; right or wrong and with perseverance as any, “normal human being,” could dream of posessing.

How a Behave Properly in Public as a College Student

7 Mar

Our first real etiquette article, this will discuss how one should conduct himself, or herself, in public. ┬áThis article will challenge many of the, “norms,” for a New York City college, but, believe it or not, many of us raised outside the Big Petri Dish- I am sorry, “Big Apple,” do not see these behaviours as normative.

Foremost is appearance. Yes, we should never judge a book by its cover, but we do; whether or not this is ignorant behaviour, it is human behaviour, an inherent quality that we cannot change and that, if changed, would make the world a much different and perhaps more boring place.

Fashion and necessity rarely overlap. Especially wearing, “trendy,” outfits which, to begin with are in poor taste. If you wear a sideways baseball cap in a court room, the judge will, if he has any sense at all, slap a fine on you and hold you in contempt. If a police officer, “sags” his pants and wears his cap sideways, he will clearly be out of uniform and not look like a person of his vocation with his level of professional responsibility.

A young adult may indulge in absurd fashions, this is your right and it allows you to express your individuality; these are very redeeming qualities. Public exposure, sloppiness and poor hygiene, however, are not respectful and appear more a cry for help than a style.

Music, we all love it. Why shouldn’t we? However, some prefer calf thymus and those of these individuals who do, will not likely walk over to the urinal next to you and force it down your throat. The point is, keep it in your ears.

People who blast music rarely blast anything worth listening to anyway, I do not want to hear anything rap or hip-hop related while standing at the urinal unless it is the theme from, “Shaft.” Zing.

Back on an apparently serious note, loud music pumped directly into one’s ears is a direct cause of tinnitus, which is a real pain, if you don’t believe it just look on wikipedia!

If you must swear like a sailor, try at least to sound like an educated one.

If you must use your cellphone, try not to do so in the hallway outside a class.

If you must use it in the hallway outside of class, try not to use it in the library.

If you must speak on the phone while you are in the library– You are a liar, leave school forever.

Do not watch pornography on school computers, this one seems obvious, but is apparently not.

Do not look at cartoon pornography on school computers, this is a step beyond poor-taste.

Do not– You know where this is going and yes, people do that in the library.

Do not wear high heels to any gym classes, especially swimming.

Try to maintain some semblance of intelligence, it is hard but you are so very smart, you can do it.

Do not push, shove or curse at people you don’t know; if nothing else, they may have a shank.

Do not rap along with your iPod, you are not as good as you think.

Be respectful, be courteous and keep reading articles. You are off to a good start.

Play Review: “8”

4 Mar

Travesty, depravity, cinematic-diarrhea; many adjectives can be chosen to describe, “8: A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality.” Despite their vast grab bag of A-list celebrities, the acting was sub-standard even for a middle school play and the production was as dry as an 87 year old woman’s elbow.

“The American Foundation for Equal Rights,” hosted a live production of the piece today on their Youtube channel. The cast of the play, written by Dustin Lance Black included but was not limited to the likes of, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, John C. Reilly, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis and George Takei.

The play was about, “Prop 8,” and allegedly contained a complete and accurate reenactment of the trial itself. The play was a little dull, arduous and it flatlined heavily throughout, despite the big name actors starring in the production. The fact that it was on, “Youtube,” and not in person, did not detract at all.

Actors shamelessly read lines from the script without addressing each other or the camera, a fact that would be forgivable if the acting was not as feeble as Ghandi on heroin.

It was, by appearance, a cold reading. The actors fumbled with the lines, their fame doing nothing to fix their weak and broken statements and apparent illiterate natures. Kevin Bacon, one of the lead roles, even proved a disappointment repeatedly misreading words, stuttering and making all the errors that the other actors did.

Jamie Lee Curtis purveyed the emotions that she intended to, her reading of the script was not bad, by any means, but it did seem highly manufactured and plastic, an overdone and emotionally generic performance that is to the stage what Kim Kardashian is to physical appeal; shallow, empty, fake.

The highlight and single bit in which an actor managed to stand out was Martin Sheen’s magnificent monologue which he built up a powerfully, imbuing the lines with more and more emotion and passion until the fiercely dynamic climax and eruption of loud applause, followed by the denouement of the play. The monologue was, however, sadly ruined by the poor quality of the rest of the play which was either robotic and bland or overdone and far too much done by, “actors,” rather than, “characters.”

Overall, the play would have a more meaningful theme if it was not written by someone who had a vested interest and written as what essentially turned out to be a propaganda piece. The acting was horrifying and disturbing to say the least and the only emotion it elicited, was extreme disappointment. The only conclusions that the logical viewer walks away from this play with are, “Thank God Hollywood actors are limited to films with many takes and the ability to edit.”

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