Blogs, Webpages and Non-Imminent Success

28 Feb

“Movie reviews,” “Recipes for homemade corn bread,” “How to make soap,” “How to make nitroglycerin out of soap.” The mind-numbingly distracting, opium-like preparation that is the age of Google and “the web,” have not only enveloped, but have become the embodiment of our generation.

Search engines and websites have taken the place of libraries, shopping centres and even television.

Many, if not most, therefore assume, not for unjust cause, that the internet, being the success that it is, is in itself the key to success.

The question is apparently less a matter of feasibility and more one of finding a direct, or at least clear, path to success.

There are many sites that load up on tags and advertisements so that every time you search for something popular, you accidentally pay a fraction of their daily earnings. Clearly this is not a path of integrity and certainly not one of distinction.

Thus, the importance is not with the, “how,” but rather the, “what.”
Your focus should not be on luring some unsuspecting fool into your site, but rather focusing on assuring content that you feel is meaningful if not interesting, thereby giving readers that share your views and perhaps even your personality, incentive to view your page.

All precautions aside, those who are looking to write or start businesses on the internet must keep certain things in mind, the following in part.

Certain blogs do not allow writers without independent domain names to post ads, this includes, but may not be limited to, the one on which this post resides.

That’s right, WordPress does not allow you to make money off of your writing, reading this post does not improve the financial standing of the writer, nor does any other post on, “Reviewing Your Life.”

This blog exists because you deserve something well-written and sarcastic to read while you sit on the toilet, not to pay someone’s rent.

As for getting people to actually view your page, therein lies another challenge. Unfortunately, people will rarely look at your site purely by virtue of its existence. Your friends, fans, followers and yourself, are your best way to, “spread the word,” and truth be told, most of those up until, “yourself,” probably will not, so it would be wise for you to work hard to become a top-notch publicist for yourself.

Another consideration is what service you provide, selling things is probably the best way to make money. Words are cheap. If you plan to sell products bought wholesale, you would initially think that a lot of thought is required, truth be told, the more thought you put in, the worse off you are.

Limit the thought to the following, “In what category of goods, would my friends, my family and I be interested?”
Do not overextend either. Would you prefer to purchase coffee from a coffee, clothing, shoe polish and hair-dye shop or a coffee boutique?

Ultimately, success is not guaranteed in the slightest and worst case scenario is a small investment lost (worry more about the time lost, than money).

The only way to guarantee success for your page is to do what you enjoy, follow your passions and if you get one view a year, it does not matter, you did this for yourself and you still have your integrity.

Do not look for money, business or success.

If you do what you love, business and money will eventually create themselves, the only true success however, is learning from your mistakes and seeing nothing as failure.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”
-Henry Ford


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