Easily Confused Easy Words; Reference and Remediation guide

23 Feb

There are many words which are misspelled commonly and many common faux pas in grammar, in today’s techno-crutched society, here is a quick-reference guide to benefit those (mainly American-English speakers) who find these to be recurring tendencies.  This is not limited to typos, it also will cover tenses etc.  I will try to update it now and again.

Their, They’re, There

Their-Possessive form matched to, “they”

Their lawn is lovely.

They’re-They are, conjugation

They’re in possession of a lovely lawn.

There-Antonym of, “here”

Look over there, that lawn is lovely.

Lose, loose

Lose-Fail, not win, present tense of, “lost”

Loose-Not firmly and/or tightly fixed in place; detached or detachable

Did you lose your tooth?

Is your tooth loose?

Two, to, too

Two-The number before three and after one.

To-For, until


I love you two.

We love you too.

*I would love you to.

Where, wear, were, ware, wore, war, whore, worn, warred etc.

Where-In, or to what place, circumstance or situation

Wear-To attire or adorn oneself with; accessorise oneself with

Were-Past tense of, “are”

Ware-A product, “Warez” have an independent definition with regard to the internet

Wore-Past tense of, “wear”

War-Large scale battle

Whore-A prostitute

Worn-Affected by, “wear”


Warren-A given name for males, do not use this in relation to any of the above, always make sure you are using a real word, don’t just guess

Brung, Brought, Broughten, Brang, Bought

Brung-Only usable as a dialectic past-participle, but avoid this word

Brought-Past tense of bring

Bought-Past tense of buy

The others are not words, neither is “buyed.”  Please mind your tenses.

I, eye

I-Myself, ninth letter of the English language

Eye-Attached to your optic nerve

You, U, ewe, yew, ur


U-You tell me what this is.

Ewe-Female Sheep

Yew-Coniferous tree or shrub


Hugh-A name

Hew-To hack at with a heavy instrument

Ur-Not a word.

Mines, Mine

Mine-Belonging to me, explosive device

Mines-A group of aforementioned explosive devices

You’s,use, yah, yizz, yous, yahz

You’s-Not a word.

Use-To utilise.

Yah-Not a word.

Yizz-Most certainly not a word.

Yous-Plural of the word, “you,” otherwise not a word.


Ear, air

Ear-The auditory device on the side of your head

Air-Pronounced differently than, “ear.”  That stuff you are breathing

Breath, breathe

Breath-Inhalation and exhalation, noun

Breathe-Verb form, to breathe

Hour, our, are

Hour-sixty minutes

Our-Like, “mine,” but plural

Are-Like, “am,” but plural

Have, half, halves

Have-To possess

Half-Fifty percent

Halves-Plural of, “half”

So, sew



Knit, nit

Knit-to darn using yarn

Nit-Lice eggs.

Gnat, Nat

Gnat-A fly

Nat-Short for, “Nathaniel”

*This is merely an example, if at all avoidable, which it generally is, do not end sentences with prepositions.

This will clearly never be everything, but it should be a start for some people…


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