Heart Attack Grill Proves to be a Real Heartbreaker

16 Feb

An unidentified man in his mid-40s allegedly suffered a heart attack after hr ordered what could have been his last meal at the, “Heart Attack Grill,” in Las Vegas, Saturday night.

Patrons laughed heartily as semi-naked “nurses,” and “doctors,” rushed to help the collapsed man, in a frenzy

Past an antique ambulance, a sign displayed eerily in the glass door reads, “Caution! This establishment is bad for your health.”

Restaurant owner Jon Basso says that he felt sorry that patrons laughed, thinking this to be a gag, but does not feel guilty for having this as the theme for his establishment.

“We make fun of coronary issues every day; it’s how I make my living,” Basso says, “If this happened at the Olive Garden, nobody would care. People have heart attacks in restaurants every day. Everybody wants to sell a story.”

Due to Las Vegas Hospitals’ strict laws on not disclosing patient information, little more is known about the patient at this time.


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