Vegetarianism+Organic+Anti-War=The End of the World.

14 Feb

Could a “peaceful lifestyle,” lead to world destruction?

Do not harm others, this our society believes to be of the utmost moral importance and very few arguments could contradict this key principle.

War is generally not categorised as a general type of “harm,” or “murder,” although elements of both are clearly involved in the actions of either side.

Before delving any deeper into discussion point number one of three, let us briefly examine anthropological theory.

We, human beings, are part of a system: The World.

Since the dawn of time, man has been evolving, adapting and fusing that which is necessary for his survival with that which becomes a habit.

The strongest survive, this ensures the continued survival of the human race so that they do not deteriorate to lesser beings and find their way to extermination.  This is always how things have been and natural selection has run its course historically.

This is the part pertaining to our story, to read more on the subject, buy a book.

Now, back to war.

War is a form of natural selection.  The strong and the cunning survive, the weak are, well, not selected.

Our population is growing exponentially with each generation, what are you going to do?  We like sex.

Whether you want to blame religious devotion in the bedroom or mere decadence for our mass breeding, the fact of the matter is that life can only be sustained on our planet in moderate numbers.

It is unquestionable that once we are struck with a high enough population we will not have enough drinking water, let alone food and other resources.

Assuming that we implement world peace and hit a population of seven billion, we have now evolved to the point where we know better than to consume animal products or genetically engineered foods.  Now what?

Now we are limited to consumption of grains and vegetables which are produced in natural quantities with no human intervention, we have limited protein sources and we all rush toward them.  You are thinking of this all wrong, remember that the water that is usable on crops must be spared so that it can be consumed by the masses, so each crop will not be self-sustaining, it will use our drinking water which is at this point more than ever, limited.

As of right now, pre-scenario, .007% of water on earth is accessible for direct human use, keep that in mind.

According to the US Geological Survey, as of the year 2000, the United States alone uses 323 billion gallons of water daily, on average.

Given even a 50% rise in population, assuming the per person volume stays consistent, on a yearly basis we will be using 1.768425 × 1014 gallons of water, quite possibly more than we have available on this planet; and of course we will need to water our crops with some, so that we do not starve to death.  What a fine balance we have the privilege to maintain.

Through basic math and statistics, we have conclusively shown that world peace would be the end of mankind and if we had a single organic granny smith to show for it, we would be luckier than we could ever deserve to be having been so unrealistic and asinine.

Thus our banners must be waves, our differences maintained and our adversities flaunted for the strong to overcome and if we are lucky we will make the cut.  If we do not then our families can tell the tale of how we, at the end of our lives, saved the world.


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